Campofilone between middle age and maccheroncini (FM)

Campofilone is a tiny town with a few people living in, not far from the sea with a very special view of the Sibillini mountains and something really typical: old ladies at the balcony watching over new people walking in their town (every time of the day!).


Campofilone is mostly known for ita particoular kind of pasta called “maccheroncini” a very tiny kind of spaghetti made with fresh eggs.  Town was founded, like many others in the neighbourhood, by monks of a Benedictine Abbey.

Porta marina

foto 3

Campofilone is very very old, it was probably born in the Piceni ages and its name may come from the old name of the town like “Campus Fullonus”. Around the III century b.C. Campofilone was crossed by thousands of pilgrims passing over to reach the colony of Fermo or the close Piceni sanctuary dedicated to the famous goddess “Cupra”.

Il mare da Campofilone

La signora del museo

Today you can walk in town very easily, and reach the medieval walls to see the beautiful landscape and the skyline of the Sibillini mountains.

Mura medievali

Here you have to imagine that every young girl need to learn the old art of preparing the “maccheroncini” with no mistakes at all, otherwise she could not get married! At the moment there are only seven fabrics that can produce maccheroncini following very strong rules. If you plan to come here call the fabrics and ask them to see how the prepare this pasta, you will enjoy a dance made by hands.


I maccheroncini

I maccheroncini

The festival of the maccheroncini was born in 1964 and its celebrated every year in summer (Agoust).

Sagra dei maccheroncini

Maccheroncini di Campofilone