Castle of Gradara – (PU)

The castle of Gradara it’s built between the border of Marche region and Emilia Romagna.

This is truly a magical place to visit with children, especially older children, who will live the atmosphere of a real ancient castle. Here comes to life the sad story of Paolo and Francesca, and both you and the kids will be fascinated by the room all decorated and the untouched atmosphere of the furnitures.


The beginning of the visit to the castle

Il ponte levatoio

The castle

Here it’s told the story of Paolo and Francesca, both killed by Paolo’s brother. Francesca was married to Gianciotto but never in love with him, when she met Paolo they could never separate.

La stanza di Francesca

Francesca’s bedroom




You may have some trouble getting around with the stroller in the village because of the climbs,it’s better if you can choose a backpack. In the summer, you will also find many activities to do such as parades or historical tales animated in specific dates.

Free entrance under 18!

Autostrada A14 EXIT Cattolica