Montefiore dell’Aso, walking with kids and visit the museum

Montefiore dell’Aso may have inherited this romantic name from the worship of the goddess Flora and today it is a small village with beautiful scenery and very well-kept houses.

Here is a beautiful museum, the Polo Museale di San Francesco, where you can find the original giant sets of Gianfranco Basili, gigantic, impressive and you will also find the Museum of Peasant Civilization, a beautiful polyptych by Carlo Crivelli and a dedicated section To the great Adolfo De Carolis and master Domenico Cantatore.

The small town has four squares overlooking the main monuments, a stroll here can be very enjoyable and we would advise you to attend one of the many events that the country organizes throughout the year.

There are many noble palaces of Montefiore, such as those of the Montani family who have created in a shop in the historic center also a small Museum of the Clock (Piazza Risorgimento, storehouses of the Montani Palace).

I leave you a small photo gallery and I suggest to visit Montefiore!

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polo museale san francesco montefiore dell'aso polo museale montefiore dell'aso

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