Science Museums of Villa Vitali – Fermo

Along viale Trento in Fermo there’s a beautiful nineteenth-century villa that houses the science museums of the city, including the unique Polar Museum in Italy dedicated to the traditions and culture of the Inuit population. For a small price you can entertain your children over 3 years old through the exhibition of stuffed birds by Tommaso Salvadori , the Museum of the pipe with the pipe of Garibaldi and Lord of the Rings , the meteorite falled in Fermo many years ago … The Polar Museum is the “must” of the villa, with the skin of white bear , the tent a hundred years old where slept the doctor of the polar expedition and the artifacts of the Inuit population (which we are accustomed to call Eskimos ) . There are many stairs and even if there is a lift , it is not easy to go around with strollers or push chairs  The museum is open throughout the year at fixed times . The tour lasts about 1 hour . The villa itself is surrounded by a beautiful park with free admission with some games for kids and many paths that can run through the trees.

Museo polare "Silvio Zavatti"

Parco di Villa Vitali

Parco e giochi di Villa Vitali

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