Shoe’s Museum, Gerosolimitana tower – Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM)

Museo della calzatura Cav Vincenzo Andolfi

Shoe’s museum Cav Vincenzo Andolfi

When you arrive in Sant ‘Elpidio a Mare, home of the manufacturing and footwear, do not miss the cute “Shoe’S Museum” from the collection by Cavalier Vincenzo Andolfi with shoes of all invoices from all over the world! You can find the tiny Japanese shoes because the beauty of a woman is also measured by the minuteness of his foot, poor shoes from the fields or shoes with sharp points to look for chestnuts …

Piccolissime scarpe orientali

Chinese woman’s shoes

You can find also the shoes of the ladies of XVII century , the Romans calcei and Deodato high fashion designer colorful shoes. The museum is accessible by Baccio road and is located on the second floor of the building, with no elevator so the stroller must be carried out by hand although it is only one flight of stairs.

Le scarpe di Deodato

Deodato style


Leaving the museum and continuing the road, after a few meters you will come to a beautiful city tower called Torre Gerosolimitana which is 30 meters high! From the top of the tower you can enjoy a beautiful view and the appearance of a medieval tower is practically intact: for that reason you can not climb up the tower with very young children, unless you wear them in your arms! The tower also conceals a mystical significance: climbing its steps meant you go up to God and the loopholes help you to see the passage on the way up. Getting back to the basement it means going back down to the sin’s earth so the path became more difficult ! Today you can have no worries about because there is electric light! To get up here the ticket gets the tourist office located at the entrance of the village.


Torre Gerosolimitana

Torre Gerosolimitana

Shoe’s museum