The carriage’s Museum, Macerata (MC)

“Matilde, tomorrow we are going to see Cinderella’s carriages!” That’s it.. the adventure begins .. I’m very fond of Macerata, there I studied and spent some years having lot of fun. We often Come back and finally this weekend we visited the refurbishment of the Carriage Museum at Palazzo Buonaccorsi, in Don Minzoni street, down the main Square.

Museo della carrozza

You get into the building and you can feel the trampling of the horses because the big door from which you entered was just the entrance of carriages : the driver left his passengers , ran into the courtyard and walked out the same door . Today they welcome you and then accompany you in the halls but beware! You need to go underground!  The museum is set up in places that were once used to own stables and warehouses of the family that lived there and the count was a guy who loved his horses , so the animals were very well kept and had the best harness . The collection ic composed of 24 carriages, small, large, American , princesses , transport .. they are in very good condition and very large in some cases! There are touch screen, interactive video and cubes of teaching, in order to make the visit fun for the little ones. Of course , the first thing that a child wants to do is get on the carriage .. you can not ! But do not despair , you can do something better at the end of the visit ! You can in fact get on a fake coach with all the accessories, choose a digital card, place it in the slot and go: the curtains will close , the driver will begin to speak and windows will light up to show you the way to your destination . I forgot ! The coach also simulates the movement … For the happiness of Matilda who did not want to go down we did three ” journeys” ,  we’ve been to Sarnano, Fiastra and the country villa of Buonaccorsi .

I you are in mood you should visit the Art Gallery, located in the same building at the second floor!

How to get there: from the ring the best place to park is ramp Zara, just below the museum. You can alternatively take a walk from anywhere in the city and get comfortable to the building which is situated in the historical centre of Macerata.

Palazzo Buonaccorsi, via Don Minzoni 24, MACERATA   0734 256361

Macerata Musei