Exploring the fortress of Offagna with kids

Offagna is a village in the province of Ancona you can visit in one day.

Among the most beautiful villages in Italy, you can visit in a day and you can take advantage of a picnic overlooking the village, as we did! This beautiful green lawn (pictured) is located hundreds of meters from the center of the village, there are tables and benches and some games for children.

pic nic offagna rocca

Pin nic by the public park of Malacari road

rocca offagna

The fortress

What to see in Offagna with kids

The visit focused on the fortress, which Tommy, a 3 yr old boy, enjoyed very much together with all the girls in the group: the visit is short, you climb up to the highest point of the tower through many small rooms where you will also find small exhibitions of objects and artifacts from different times. At the very top of the fortress watchtower you can still see the alarm bell that resounded throughout the territory. The fortress was built at the behest of the Anconetans between 1454 and 1456 as a defense to the territory of the Maritime Republic.

rocca offagna ronda

the watch

rocca offagna

Info: not accessible with the stroller, there are very narrow passages and some where you have to pay more attention.

Paid admission (children free up to 5 years)

Info and Hours: Tel. +39 392 1302383 – info@polomusealeoffagna.it