The conquest of the sky – A small museum in Serrapetrona (MC)

Serrapetrona, it is mostly known for its wine called Vernaccia D.O.C.G. (Controlled and Protected origins), a particular kind of red champagne obtained through a strange harvest: the grapes have to be dried before being pressed.

L'uva lasciata essiccare

L’uva lasciata essiccare

Meanwhile the kids are with their parents visiting the cellars, you might take advantage of a visit to a small but rich exhibition, called “The conquest of the sky” in Palazzo Claudi, justbelow the historic town center


The story of this exhibition is kind of strange: It is the result of a seizure of a private collection illegally held by the Claudi family, nowadays exposed in the old restored mansion of the same family. Matilde visited the exhibition with curiosity making us really laugh when, in front of the skeleton of the Prosaurolophos shoted: “Ok, this is really DEAD”.

Lo scheletro di Prosaurolophus

Lo scheletro di Prosaurolophus

The exhibition brings together 70 pieces of paleontological, archaeological and numismatic of different ages, the entire collection is the result of the taste of an individual, so the materials are very heterogeneous. The children will find most attractive with the fossils and skeletons, but the show is all interesting and well laid out and the building has an elevator. Youshould invest a bit of time in reading the panels and try to explain to the children the story of these animals that lived millions of years ago. The exhibition was imagined to teach the evolution of flight and how animals have changed over the millennia their anatomical structure to adapt to the sky.




You may prefer to visit Serrapetrona during the festival called “Appassimenti aperti”, when the wineries are open and you can see the grapes hung out to dry and tou can also make guided tours. The visit is certainly worth, the vineyards are beautiful and extend over large areas.vigna serrapetrona

The village of Serrapetrona is located on land a little bit rough, so you have to park the car at the village parking and then walk, especially if you visit during the festival Appassimenti Aperti that is held annually in November. The museum is open in winter only by reservation, so I advise you to inform you before your visit .


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