The polar museum Zavatti of Fermo: a tour with kids

Finally, after a year and a half after the closure of the historic Villa Vitali headquarters due to the 2016 earthquake, two of Fermo’s most important scientific collections return to an equally prestigious venue: Palazzo Paccaroni, located in Corso Cavour right in the historic center of the city .

In tenda al Museo polare

Playing in the polar museum

Do not miss the opportunity to bring your children here who will be able to take a wonderful journey through the traditions and the polar culture, explored by Silvio Zavatti to whom the museum is named. Polar bears, Inuit, canoes, sledges, many often mysterious objects are worth a visit. Do you know, for example, what is a Tupilak? It is an object of great spiritual power, according to the Inuit populations, who can protect its owner from evil spirits: in the museum you will find many!

museo polare

The polar Museum

museo polare

A lesson in the polar museum

Right at the entrance of the museum you will also find the ornithological collection of Tommaso Salvadori, one of the most famous ornithologists in the world: the animals preserved here are magical, they wake up only at night taking care not to be observed and have fun flying around the museum !

La collezione ornitologica Tommaso Salvadori

The collection Tommaso Salvadori

Info for the visit:

The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 15:30 to 19:00 and on reservation during the week by calling the ticket office of the Museums of Fermo at 0734217140 (

Accessible with strollers and prams, there is also an elevator. There is no changing table in the bathroom.