To the Sybil’s Museum in Montemonaco with kids

Welcome to the “Museum of the Sibyl” in the small village of Montemonaco, a village 1080 meters high also known for ‘annual event dedicated to chestnuts.

But how do you tell the myth of the Sibyl in a museum and convey the magic of a place like the cave and the wonderful characters that the same cave have housed? I can try to explain why. You enter and immediately the kids are attracted from many peepholes .. but what could be inside? Here’s curiosity, discovery, they try to solve the riddle … behind those bright little holes there are mountains, animals, meadows, places that seem to come from a book of fairy tales .. here you have the Sibillini, here comes the legend, the story here is intertwined with fantasy.

museo della sibilla

museo sibilla


museo sibilla

The Sibyl, represented in many paintings and told in so many legends, it is not a single mythological figure: there are the Cumaean Sibyl, Eritrea, Delphic and also the Apennines, that is perhaps nestled amid the hills of the Marche, precisely on Mount Sibilla, inside a cave that bears the same name. To feed the mystery today, the fact that the entrance of the cave is closed by a landslide and therefore no longer browsable. These mountains are full of legends, stories passed down verbally, roads and places dedicated to the fairies … this magic still continues to remain in these mountains.

museo sibilla

The great stone ok the lake called Pilato

There is also a particular stone that was taken directly from the lake of Pilate, with the enigmatic and still undeciphered writing, here the kids are sure to superimpose their faces to those men and women who lived many years ago, here will be able to deal with a real leap in the dark, thanks to a very special slide! They will then go on a magic bridge that narrows and widens, to try to capture the moment of a door that opens unexpectedly, scanning the darkness without fear through a set up very original. You can reach the museum with ease, right in the historic center of Montemonaco, next to a nice playground overlooking the mountains.



museo sibilla

museo sibilla

Il parco giochi di Montemonaco

Playground Montemonaco

You can easily reach the museum in the village of Montemonaco following panels in the streets.

Address: Via Roma, 63088 Montemonaco (AP)

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