The museums of fossils and minerals in Montefalcone Appennino

The Montefalcone Museum is located in the historical center of the town in the beautiful Felici’s palace where you will find many local fossils (more than 500) and marine fauna.

As soon as you arrive, go down the small path that through fossils still embedded in the rock, will lead you to a small balcony from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the region Marche.

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Among other things, there are 60 different species of Mollusks (Murex, Nassa, Natica, Pecten, etc.), some echinoderms, shark teeth and fossilized leaves.

Exposure of fossils from all over the world and from all walks is interesting for the presence of particular pieces, such as North Sea mammoth fangs, parts of the skeleton of a Pyrenean cave bear, Moroccan trilobites, A Chinese dinosaur egg and the largest egg ever deposited: Aepyornis.



Certainly interesting for children is the mineral cave where you can admire the characteristic fluorescence of some of these finds under the Wood lamp.

On the first floor you will also find the Malacologic collection of the artist Elio Ciccotti, who produced about 300 paintings using ten thousand shells.

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At the museum we point out to you an Environmental Education Center, which offers educational and educational groups directly to the local fossil fields, or activities such as microscopic microscopic observation.