The Fiastra Abbey

fiastraAvoid Sunday if you want to stay in this quiet place , otherwise you will be catapulted into a great frenzy of children , balloons, dog walking and bikes..! Anyone who lives near this location will take advantage of the nice weather to spend a few hours here, between nature , horses , walking and good food!


Matilde here has always fun : thanks to wide space and many children she meets, either by chance (by reservation) to take a ride on horseback , either for beautiful walks along the river ( also comfortable with stroller ) with places to see and take pics of the birds. The abbey is home to the Cistercian monks today and all the space once their home is open to visitors. There is a restaurant but also a bar that allows you to eat pizza or sandwiches, a few shops for souvenirs and not far from the abbey grocery store that sells delicious meats and cheeses.

Not far away stands the Archaeological Park of Urbs Salvia , a nice walk between well-preserved Roman antiquities … children under 10 years do not pay! Here for more details: Orari Parco Archeologico

Riserva naturale Abbadia di Fiastra

Riserva naturale Abbadia di Fiastra

Here for more details Abbadia di Fiastra

Horse riding
Circolo Ippico S. Giorgio Urbisaglia
Contrada Fiastra 6
Tel. +39 0733 652740, cell. +39 34803408859, +39 3483398390

DA ANCONA – PESCARA: A14, uscita di Civitanova Marche, seguire la superstrada per Tolentino fino all’uscita di Macerata Ovest da dove si raggiunge l’Abbadia di Fiastra.
DA ROMA: raggiungere Spoleto e poi Foligno, seguire la SS 77 e la superstrada per Civitanova Marche fino all’uscita di Macerata Ovest