Frasassi caves, temples and millenarian history with kids – Province of Ancona

Strange but true, there are people living in Marche who have never been to Frasassi caves and there are some who do not know they have to close one of the rarest natural spectacles in the world! On the occasion of the Tour #ExploringMarche3 the family left for Frasassi at a time, where, in the vicinity of the temple built by Giuseppe Valadier, we started our “exploration”!

The road to the Valadier temple

The road to the Valadier temple

Finally arrived to the temple

The caves of the temple

To reach the temple it’s easy, you just have to get to the base of the path following the directions of the “Presepe vivente”, just after the entrance to the caves of Frasassi, and walk about 800 meters uphill: you will find yourself in front of a small temple framed by rock, a place of ancient and new devotion, where children can explore the two natural caves of the mountains. The climb is lightweight but still challenging for the kids, if you want to bring a stroller be aware that it must be pushed on for quite a while ‘!

A few meters from this temple you will find the entrance to the famous Frasassi caves ( which you can reach also using the shuttle from the parking lot where you can buy tickets for the caves ) here lies a unique underground world . The caves were discovered by accident in the 70s by some scouts , who, after the initial disappointment, opened a bigger gap and came up to the big Cave of the Winds . Today, everything is lit to perfection and with great stage effects that enhance even more, if possible, the grand spectacle of these caves. The tourist route is very easy for the large turnout but in the high season you have to share the visit with many other people: i assure that the magic will remain intact . Equip yourself with very young children with a baby-wearing because you can not bring the stroller.

Grotte di Frasassi

Grotte di Frasassi

Grotte di Frasassi

Despite these beautiful photos that you will see made ​​to the post, you can not take pictures inside . But you can fix it, how can you? In the next photos I challenge you to find one taken in front of a large poster which is located right at the entrance !

Take also eventually care of the pacifier as we were about to leave one in the caves if our strongman father had not clung to take it back! We have seen others that have fallen along the way, so, Doudou chain or other laces are to be recommended!

Grotte di Frasassi   Grotte di Frasassi

Above all , bring jackets or raincoats , in summer the thermal shock feels more because the caves are at a constant temperature of 14 degrees.

adventure tour in the caves

The adventure tour in the caves

Grotte di Frasassi

Grotte di Frasassi

Castle of the queen of ice

The castle of the Queen of Ice

Santa Claus

Santa Claus in the Frasassi caves

If you have older kids, the caves also offer pathways Caving adventure for children over the age of 12, armed with overalls and helmet, will have access to non-tourist routes and therefore even more fascinating.

If the children are very young, hidden in the caves you will find wonderful shapes and colors, where you can play with your imagination with them in search of the characters of their dreams, such as, for example, Santa Claus or the castle of the Ice Queen. We have recovered the animosity of Matilda putting her in search of Elsa, the Queen of the story of Frozen! In this regard, the visit lasts at least an hour, so at the end of the path kids will begin to tire. Enjoy!

San Vittore alle Chiuse

San Vittore alle Chiuse

Museo San Vittore alle Chiuse

The museum in San Vittore alle Chiuse

To eat I can suggest a very good restaurant on top of a small river: Ristorante la Scaletta

Ristorante La Scaletta

Ristorante La Scaletta

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How to reach the caves:

BY CAR: Autostrada A14 (Bologna-Canosa), exit Ancona Nord; Superstrada SS76 Ancona – Roma, Exit Genga (25 minutes from the autoroute exit)

BY TRAIN: Railway line Ancona – Roma, Genga Railway station- San Vittore Terme.