Museum of shells of the world – Cupra Marittima (AP)

In spite of the complicated name not easy to understand for a child, this museum is easy to get lost for them, it’s gigantic (900,000 shells)! It is not suitable for toddlers but children /or aspiring scientists, will have plenty to see! Perhaps the setting (in a huge shed) penalizes a bit but the kids won’t realize it, they are so entranced by the variety of things they see. The museum should be explained a little bit because there are no information panels (therefore you should read them a little   or go to the keepers). You can’t sit during the visit and the children might at some point want to entertain beginning to run everywhere (so huge is the place) so be prepared (even to the big number of showcases)!

There is also a small shop for lovers of the genre. The ticket is 7 euros (but kids unders 6 are free).

The Museum is very easy to find because it is located right on the Nazionale Adriatica just come into the land of Cupra Marittima. HOURS: June: 16-20:30 / every day including holidays – July and August: 16-22:30 (every day including holidays) – April / May / September 15:30-19 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) / 15:00 to 18:30 from October to March (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday).


Museo Malacologico