Caves of Camerano (Ancona)

 These is a magical place to visit with kids…


Next Ikea shop in Ancona you must notice the sign that says ” Camerano ” just 7 km away. Taking that road you’ll find yourself in a pretty village that hides in his basement an evocative underground site : a mix of history and mystery in the right combination …
The guide takes a little over an hour to even Matilde, with penlight (which I recommend in order to get kids to explore on their own and keep them engaged ) , has followed the path forward ” almost” to the end! Among the Templars , Freemasons and the nativity scene under the Christmas period that is set up , at some point in the tour I wavered a bit when I realized that we were 20 feet below ground ! You can not enter with strollers because of the location, and small children should be taken with a fanny pack or being able to walk for an hour. No toilets available during the tour and no sitting points.
I recommend the whole thing is guaranteed only by preventive booking ! (tel. 0717304018)

Grotte di Camerano


Booking needed at 0039 071.7304018

Via Maratti, 37 – Camerano (AN)